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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why are rates charged?
How are rates applied?
What can make rates go up?
Why don't rates go down when there is a drop in the property market?
What if I disagree with my rates?
Do pensioners get a discount on rates?
Do I have to pay my rates all at once?
What is Gross Rental Value (GRV)?
What is considered when calculating the GRV?
How do I know what my property's GRV is?
Does the City of Belmont offer a discount?
What is the latest date I can pay and still receive the discount?
What instalment options are available for paying my rates?
What are interim rates?
What is the Emergency Services Levy (ESL)?
Why is there a minimum payment?
How many properties in Belmont are charge the minimum payment?
What does ‘rate in the dollar’ mean?
What does ‘differential rate’ mean?
When will I be able to apply for the rates financial assistance (of up to $250) for ratepayers impacted by COVID-19?
Can I apply for the one-off payment of up to $250 as part of the Financial Hardship Policy if my rate charge remains the same by my overall rates notice has increased?
Can I apply for the one-off payment of up to $250 if my Gross Rental Value remains the same but my overall rates notice has increased?