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 Settlement Agent Advice of Sale

Settlement Agent Advice of Sale Fees

City of Belmont Property Settlement Form effective from 01/07/2018.

​Item No. ​Information
​Applicable Fee ​Approximate
Response Time
(working days)

Settlement Statement Outstanding Rates Only.


3 (See note below)

Corporate Services (Rates Section)


Property Settlement Enquiry. (A) (Orders and Requisitions) Outstanding Health and Building Notices/ Orders.
Engineering resumptions for road widening and or drainage.
Home Indemnity Insurance.
Swimming pool on property.


10 (When enquirer requests service selection numbers 1,2 and 3, 4 and 6 then 10 working days is the total number of days).

Building Services Administration Assistant (Building Department)


Property Settlement Enquiry (B) (Orders and Requisitions)
Planning related information, R-Code density, rezoning considerations, land use, setback requirements for vacant lot.


10 (See note above)

Building Services Administration Assistant (Building Department)


Photocopy of current Home Indemnity Insurance [Note - HII details already provided on Property Settlement Enquiry (A)]

$82.00 Hard copy

$26.00 Electronic copy


Building Services Administration Assistant (Building Department)


Swimming Pool Barrier Compliance Inspection.
Site inspection of swimming pool / spa to confirm compliance of pool safety barriers.



Building Department



  1. The Western Australian Planning Commission set the fees for items 3 and 4 as per Planning and Development Regulations 2009 and Planning Bulletin 93/2013.
  2. The fees listed are subject to change without notice.
  3. In accordance with the fees and charges adopted as part of the Council's budget meeting held on 24/7/18


Property Settlement Enquiry request and appropriate fees charged.
Items 1, 2 and 3 (Rates, Notices and Orders and Planning issues) $15 + $75 + $73= $163.00

Rates only item 1 = $15.00.


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