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Path maintenance is very important and requires up to date community feedback. Our footpaths are inspected annually but we need feedback on any path that is damaged or displaced so we may assess and repair as necessary to avoid any trip hazard. If you notice a maintenance issue, please contact us on 9477 7222, or report it here.

If you would like a new pathway in your street, please complete our online form here or submit your request in writing to:

Director Technical Services
City of Belmont
LMB 379
Cloverdale WA 6985

This request will be assessed by our Technical Officers and presented to Council for consideration in future budgets.

Shopping Centre Paving Cleaning Program


In order to maintain the appearance of the footpaths and paving areas outside our shopping centres, the City of Belmont has funded a program to pressure clean the paving on a quarterly basis. The work is carried out at times that would least disrupt both the shop owners and the public.

The City also provides a cleaning maintenance program to address spot cleans of food spills and offensive wastes when reported. The public can assist us in this program by reporting any spills or offensive waste that may be seen to or phone in office hours to 94777226