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Picture of Great Eastern Highway

 On The Roads

This page is updated on a regular basis so that you can find out what is happening on the roads within the City of Belmont.

Below is a list of current and upcoming road, drainage and footpath works within the City.


Road, Drainage and Footpath Works

​Location ​Section ​Description of Works
Alexander Road
Knutsford Avenue to Belmont Avenue
Road Rehabilitation - Stage 3
Alexander Road
Belmont Avenue Intersection
Remove traffic signals and install a new roundabout
Belmont Avenue
Alexander Road to Esther Street
Asphalt overlay and landscaping improvements - Stage 1
(Stages 2, 3 and 4 to follow)

The City of Belmont has received a National Black Spot grant to improve road safety at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Alexander Road.

The existing intersection is currently controlled by traffic signals. However, despite this there continues to be regular crashes resulting in property damage and personal injury.

Crashes at traffic signals are more likely to to be high impact due to driver error and vehicles turning into oncoming traffic.
Based on crash data, the City identified the location as suitable and an application to the Federal Government for funding assistance was supported.

The City’s proposal to remove the traffic signals with a roundabout was also supported by Main Roads WA. Traffic modelling indicates the roundabout will be significantly improved in that there will be constant traffic flow.

However it should be noted, while accidents are still likely to occur at this intersection they are expected to be less severe.
Construction of the roundabout is underway and will depend on other nearby construction projects, and the signal removal schedule to be confirmed by MRWA.

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