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Picture of Great Eastern Highway

 On The Roads

This page is updated on a regular basis so that you can find out what is happening on the roads within the City of Belmont.

Below is a list of current and upcoming road and drainage works within the City.


Road and Drainage Works

​Location ​Section ​Description of Works
Wright Street
Surrey Road intersection
Intersection modification / upgrade​
Daly Street
Wright Street to Lowes Street
Drainage upgrade
Daly Street
Elmsfield Street to Frederick Street
Formalisation of on-street parking
​Wright Street Armadale Road intersection​ Install two pre-deflection islands​
The Esplanade
​The Esplanade cul de sac
​New access road and drainage works
​Durban Street ​Keymer Street intersection ​Roundabout modification
​Fulham Street ​Knutsford Avenue ​Roundabout modification
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