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Picture of Great Eastern Highway

 On The Roads

This page is updated on a regular basis so that you can find out what is happening on the roads within the City of Belmont.

Below is a list of current and upcoming road and drainage works within the City.


Road and Drainage Works

​Location ​Section ​Description of Works
Cleaver Terrace
Robinson Avenue to Abernethy Road
Formalisation of on-street parking, minor drainage works and overlay​
Robinson Avenue​ Cleaver Terrace to Francisco Street Formalisation of on-street parking, new footpath, drainage works and overlay​
Camden Street
Robinson Avenue to Abernethy Road
Formalisation of on-street parking, new footpath and minor drainage works
Fulham Street Fisher Street to # 269 Fulham Street
Drainage Upgrade
Newey Street
Acton Avenue intersection​ Roundabout Reconstruction

Formalisation of on-street parking within the Belmont Business Park

Installation of these bays seek to alleviate some of the concerns raised by 40% of local business managers and owners whom indicated dissatisfaction with parking in the 'Mixed Business Survey' undertaken in 2010.

Following further investigation, property owners and business tenants from the Mixed Business Area were invited to a 'Parking Innovation Business Briefing' event held June 2013. At that event preliminary plans for increased provision of parking within 16 streets of the area were presented by the Mayor to all attendees. There was strong support for these plans from the majority of persons who attended the briefing.

To date we have completed 571 parking bays and are 70% way through our program.

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