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 Road Maintenance

Our staff members report any road maintenance issues they may come across, however we also encourage you to call
9477 7222
or report it online if you have any concerns. The major issues we look out for and would like to have reported are: 

  • Potholes and other road repairs
  • Bollards & handrails (missing / damaged)
  • Overhanging trees and encroaching vegetation on private property
  • Street name signs (missing / damaged)
  • Blocked stormwater drains or flooding
  • Rubbish on verges and roads
  • Damaged kerbs
  • Footpath / cycleway repairs
  • Damaged bus shelters
  • Faulty lighting on streets and reserves
  • Broken glass on footpaths and roads

Directional signs such as Stop signs, Give Way signs, No Through Road signs and traffic control signals (damaged or missing) should be reported to Main Roads Western Australia on 1800 800 009 or you can complete a fault form on the MRWA website. 

The City spends over $5 million annually on upgrading roads. The priority of road upgrading is completed using road asset management software, but small sections may be overlooked. If you feel your road should be upgraded or have a small section requiring repair please feel free to contact us.

If you have any queries, please contact our Administration Officer Technical Services on 9477 7293, or complete our online form.