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 Roadworks Traffic Management

There is legislation governing the use of Traffic Management which is administered by Main Roads Western Australia and local governments (that have been authorised by the Commissioner of Main Roads). These local governments are signatory to an agreement with MRWA to oversee the Traffic Management Legislative requirements within their respective geographical boundaries.

The City is required under its agreement with Main Roads Western Australia to grant approval for works held on or within the road reserves in the City of Belmont. Any works planned for roads or road reserves within the City of Belmont will, in most cases, require a Traffic Management Plan to be established prior to approval being granted.

A Traffic Management Plan for roadworks is required to be prepared in accordance with the ‘Traffic Management Works on Roads Code of Practice’, which provides, “Any party undertaking work on a road shall prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that adequately provides for the safety of workers and road users while maintaining an adequate level of service to road users.”

Approval for any works held on or affecting roads controlled by Main Roads Western Australia MUST be sought from them directly.

For a list of roads that are controlled by Main Roads Western Australia, please visit here.

Further information regarding Temporary Traffic Management can be found via the Main Roads Western Australia website.

Approval and Fees

The review and approval process for a submitted Traffic Management Plan requires a minimum of 10 working days. Depending on the complexity of the Traffic Management Plan, there may be occasions where the City requires further information and/or Roadworks Traffic Manager endorsement prior to issuing approval. It is therefore recommended that contact with the City’s Traffic Management Supervisor be initiated at the start of the Traffic Management Plan design process.

Please note that the Traffic Management Plan approval does not constitute permission for works to be carried out within the City’s road reserves. Further approvals from the City may be required e.g. Technical Services Clearance, Out of Hours permits etc.

There are no fees associated with the review and approval of a submitted Traffic Management Plan.

Traffic Management Plans are to be submitted via​

If you have any queries or require additional information, please contact the City’s Traffic Management Supervisor on (08) 9477 7106.