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Our streetscapes installations have made a significant positive impact on the attractiveness of our City. Householders are encouraged to beautify the verge adjacent to their property and take responsibility for the maintenance of the verge, as an extension of their property. All works undertaken on the verge are to be in accordance with the City’s Local Laws on Verge Treatments.

A permit is not required to install permissible verge treatments such as reticulation pipes and sprinklers, lawn and planting of a garden so long as:
  • Clear visibility is maintained at all times and plants are kept to no more than 50 centimetres in height and are not poisonous or prickly
  • Plants are not within 6 metres of an intersection; and
  • If there is no footpath - not within 2 metres of the carriageway (road) in order for pedestrians to have safe and clear access to the verge immediately adjacent to the kerb

It only involves the installation of an acceptable material over no more than one half of the area of the verge (excluding the vehicular crossover and footpath) i.e. brick paving installed to the manufacturers specifications; and mulch, providing the maximum particle size is no larger than 10 millimetres.

Verge treatments that are not permitted include any gravel, stone, flagstone, cement, concrete slabs, blocks, bricks, pebbles, plastic sheeting, kerbing, wood chips, bark or sawdust.  

Should you have any queries or require additional information, please contact us on 9477 7222.