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Privacy Statement 

The City of Belmont is committed to protecting the privacy of its residents, businesses, customers and other stakeholders, by complying with the applicable laws including the Freedom of Information Act 1992, the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. This privacy statement is designed to let you know how the City may collect and use your personal information through programs, events, communication channels and other interactions, it will explain the City’s stance on privacy, information sharing and copyright.  If you have any questions regarding these issues please email


Personal information is information or an opinion that identies an individuals, examples include:
  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Addreses
  • Opinions
Sensitive information is information or an opinion relevant to an individual such as:
  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Political opinions
  • Health information

For the purposes of this document ‘personal and sensitive information’ will both be termed under personal information.

Collection and use of personal information

The City collects information about its residents, businesses, customers and stakeholders as required by law, the purpose is to communicate information and deliver services, facilities and programs.

Personal information relating to properties and property owners, within the City boundaries are required information for the City.

Personal information is also collected when you supply it to the City. For example, you might provide your details:

  • When you register for an event, program or activity hosted by the City;
  • When you register for one of the City’s services, such as a membership for Ruth Faulkner Library;
  • Through online and offline correspondence, communication and requests for services.

How information is collected through the website

Some parts of the City of Belmont website allow you to complete a form, give feedback or make an enquiry. On these pages, the City collects your email address and other details as required. These details are collected so that you can receive a response to your feedback or enquiry.
The City of Belmont website may also contain links or information which is delivered and hosted by third parties. If you decide to use these functions, the details you provide will be used and stored according to the privacy policies set by the relevant third party organisations.

Your email address, telephone number and other details

The City may collect your personal information when you lodge a request or enquiry with the City, or subscribe to a service. These details are used to contact you as a ratepayer, resident, customer or subscriber as applicable.
Your contact details may be used to communicate information related to Council activities, such as rates, updates, debts, complaints, surveys and other purposes which might apply to the City of Belmont functions and services.

How cookies and website analytics are used

The City uses a range of tools, including Google and other third party providers, to help collect, view and/or analyse information about the website traffic. Each of these providers has their own privacy policies.
The City may also use cookies and session tools to maintain and keep the City of Belmont website secure, and improve your experience when using different areas of the website. The information collected might include:

  • Your IP address (or the IP address of device you are using);
  • Information about sites that IP address has come from;
  • Which pages you visited on the City of Belmont website and which site you visit when leaving the site.

To opt out of the collection of this information, you could use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

How your details may be used through social media

The City of Belmont uses social media platforms to share information, promote events and for other services and functions.
Your personal information will be handled by the individual social media service in accordance with that company’s own purposes, objectives and privacy policies. When you communicate with the City of Belmont through social media, the City may collect your personal information to help communicate relevant information with you and members of the public.

How personal information is used and disclosed

The personal information collected by the City will be used only for the purpose for which it has been collected, or for a purpose you would reasonably expect as part of running the City’s services, activities and other functions. Your information could also be used for research and to help develop future services designed to benefit the community.

These are the only circumstances in which the City of Belmont could disclose customer and stakeholder information to third parties:

  • To complete the purpose or function for which the information was provided, such as materials or services to be provided by a reputable third party contractor or government agency;
  • As required by a court order or otherwise required or authorised by law;
  • For collecting debts owed to the City or recovering outstanding materials through a reputable debt collection agency;
  • For market research as required by reputable market research suppliers – and the contracted market research supplier is prohibited from using your personal information except to provide these services to the City of Belmont;
  • By application by a person for information under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, the City (or the Western Australian Information Commissioner on appeal), requires that disclosure of that personal information would be in the public interest;
  • With the consent, whether express or implied, of the customer, resident or stakeholder.

You have the right to access your personal information that is held by the City and request its correction if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Information you provide to the City is protected from unauthorised use and disclosure through specific provisions in the Crimes Act 1914, Public Service Act 1999 and the Public Service Regulations 1999.

Storage of information

The City of Belmont takes your privacy seriously. The data you provide is stored securely and only accessed and used for approved purposes, as and when required.


Information published on the City of Belmont website is protected under Australian Copyright Law. This information cannot under any circumstances be modified or used for commercial purposes or republished unless prior written arrangements have been made with the City. For further information please contact us.


The City of Belmont makes every effort to ensure its website is accurate, current and up to date.

The City accepts no liability for the accuracy of any of the information contained in this site and disclaims all liability to any person whatsoever in relation to anything done or omitted to be done in reliance, whether in whole or part, upon anything contained in the website.

Some pages or documents published within the City's website may contain links to external sites. These sites are outside the control of the City, thus, it is the end-user's responsibility to make their own judgement regarding correctness, accuracy or reliability of information therein.