Belmont Museum

The Belmont Museum is a welcoming place for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to explore, discover and share our local heritage.
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Welcome to the Belmont Museum. Discover the stories of the many people who lived, worked and played in the City of Belmont- Redcliffe, Ascot, Belmont, Cloverdale, Kewdale and Rivervale. Over the years, boundaries and place names have changed, and entire communities have emerged, flourished, and faded away again.
Experience the past, share memories and immerse yourself in Belmont’s history. Whether you’re discovering the history of your house or unearthing your family tree, you will find a wealth of research resources in the Belmont Museum. 

You can visit during opening hours to browse our collection or book a time for some personalised guidance.

Find out more by visiting our Museum pages.

Opening hours

7 days a week, Monday to Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 1pm-4pm.
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