Monday, 13 September 2021

2021 City of Belmont NAIDOC Community Award Winner Announced

Kobi Morrison was announced as the 2021 City of Belmont NAIDOC Community Award Winner at a flag raising ceremony on 13 September.

The City of Belmont has been proudly organising the NAIDOC Community Awards since 2012. The awards recognise the personal achievements of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community member in sport, education, business, music, art, culture or community service.
Nominees must be from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, a resident of the City of Belmont, or work in, or attend an educational institution or participate in an organisation within the City of Belmont.
Kobi was recognised for his positive impact in the City of Belmont community and the wider Perth area with his leadership and vision towards reconciliation in the community. 

Kobi lives in Belmont and is a Bibbulmun Noongar, and won the 2018 Perth NAIDOC Youth of the Year award for his involvement in music.

“He currently leads several community choirs around WA and he is very passionate about bridging cultures with music, and loves to share his deep knowledge and respect for Noongar culture and history through song,” City of Belmont Mayor Cr Phil Marks said.

“Music is the cornerstone of Kobi’s ideology, with his musical influences inspiring him to teach his culture through music,” Mayor Marks said.

“Kobi has been involved in a number of City events over the past year. He performed at the City’s Harmonise Cultural Festival, and performed and led the Noongar Community Choir at The Imaginarium festival as part of Reconciliation Week.

“He has performed at local primary schools, been involved in song writing workshops, is a team member of Propel Youth Arts WA, and a sought after performer around Perth.

“As a young Aboriginal leader, represents the future and is a well-deserved winner of this City of Belmont NAIDOC Community Award.”
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