Friday, 01 July 2022

Belmont Trust Land – Future Vision Project Community Panel Final Meeting

The Belmont Trust Land - Future Vision Project Deliberative Community Panel has delivered its draft report to the Belmont Trustees – the elected members of the City of Belmont.

The 40-person panel made up of community members of the City of Belmont were recruited to match the City of Belmont’s demographic. The Panel, with the assistance of an independent facilitator, explored and evaluated options for the site to provide recommendations to the Belmont Trust Land Trustees on the future use of the site.

The deliberations were finalised one month later than expected, due to COVID impact. While not all the panel members were able to attend the final session in person, each of them had the opportunity to review and provide input to the final report.

The Belmont Trust Land – Future Vision Project aims to understand what recreational uses the community would like to see on the site and how any recreation facilities will be funded and maintained.

More than 350 people from the wider community contributed views that were used by the panel to assist the Belmont Trust to establish a strategic vision for the land.

In February and March, more than 350 people participated in the first stage of engagement. Broad engagement activities were held across the City and included the launch event, workshops, pop up information stalls, interviews, and a community survey.

The Deliberative Panel was the second stage of this important project to consider the future recreational use of the Belmont Trust Land.

The Draft Report was presented to the City of Belmont Mayor Phil Marks, along with Councillors, and the Chief Executive Officer John Christie.

“We thank the community members that have taken the time to contribute to the project to develop options for the future recreational use of the site,” City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said, on behalf of the Trustees.

“The Trustees are looking forward to hearing recommendations from the panellists on the potential future use of the land,” Mayor Marks said.

The final report from the Panel will be presented to the Trustees for consideration.

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