Thursday, 21 October 2021

City’s Belmont Museum Announced Heritage Award Finalist

The City of Belmont’s Belmont Museum has been named as a finalist in the 2021 WA Heritage Awards.

Heritage Minister David Templeman announced more than 30 individuals and projects as finalists in the Awards including the City of Belmont in the public or private organisation category for demonstrating a commitment to cultural heritage and/or heritage-related work services or programs in WA.

"The City of Belmont is also recognised as a finalist for the Ruth Faulkner Library and Belmont Museum, which was carefully designed to effectively and professionally store, conserve and display the City's growing collection of over 6,000 artefacts,” Mr Templeman said.

“The City is pleased to be selected as a finalist in these prestigious awards, which is further recognition of our commitment to preserving and enhancing our history,” City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said.

The state-of-the-art Belmont Museum located within the City’s community centre Belmont Hub, features climate controlled spaces, storage areas and conservation laboratory, local history studies room, and a dedicated quarantine space for incoming donations.

Belmont Museum – a core part of Belmont Hub’s development with its building materials referencing its historical connection to industry, offers an immersive experience into the cultural heritage of Belmont, both Aboriginal and European.

“Since Belmont Hub opened in October last year museum visitations have increased by over 1000 per cent,” Mr Christie said.

“The spaces within Belmont Hub take advantage of the natural synergies generated by the Library, Museum, Seniors Hub and not-for-profit community focused organisations ensuring that this building is a one-stop-shop for our community into the future.”

Located at 213 Wright Street, Cloverdale, Belmont Hub is a modern multi-purpose, cross-generational community building featuring a library over two levels, digital hub and multi-media recording studio, seniors hub, state-of-the-art museum, office space for community service organisation providers and much more.

Find out more about Belmont Hub and Belmont Museum.
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