Thursday, 16 June 2022

City of Belmont Launches Accessible Business Program

The City of Belmont’s newly launched Accessible Business Program has been designed to help businesses become more accessible for people living with disability, as well as those with age-related mobility impairments, people using prams, and those living with dementia.

Speaking at the launch, City of Belmont Mayor Cr Phil Marks said the City is committed to ensuring access and inclusion for all residents, including people living with disability, who live or visit the City of Belmont.

Recognition of businesses that are ‘Friendly For All’ is a central part of the City’s new Accessible Business Program.

“The City understands the importance of creating an accessible and inclusive community for people living with disability to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to participate in community life,” Mayor Marks said.

The City recognises the important role that business plays in creating community and has developed the Accessible Business Program which is also a key target of the City’s Access and Inclusion Plan.

“The aim of the Accessible Business Program is to provide the opportunity to work with, and support, businesses to improve accessibility in particular for people living with disability, and to assist businesses in fulfilling their legal obligations, accessing new customers, and increasing business potential,” he said.

“The City would like to acknowledge the Accessible Business Program Co-design Group who have assisted with the design of this program, with its members made up of people with lived experience of disability, the business community, and those working within the disability sector.

“Those with lived experience, and those who work in the sector, have provided input into what some of the barriers are that they experience living within their community,” he said.

“Business representatives have provided feedback on how the program could be developed to ensure businesses take the opportunity to participate in the program.

“Having an Accessible Business Program in the City of Belmont will not only benefit those living with disability but will also meet the needs of the wider community including older residents and young families.”

By participating in the program, businesses will receive accreditation and ‘friendly for all’ decals to be displayed at their premises, as well as open themselves to a larger customer base.

To find out more about the program, businesses can register by visiting the City’s engagement platform Belmont Connect.
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