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Monday, 17 January 2022

City of Belmont's Second Community Safety Video Highlights Bike Registration Program

The City of Belmont’s second video released as part of the community safety video series showcases the City’s popular bicycle registration program.

Offered to residents by the City since 2014, the video documents how the program enables registered bikes to be traced to their owner if they are found by police or the City’s Community Watch team. Watch the video on Youtube.

“If police come across a bicycle that is lost or suspected stolen, they can check the database and if registered, the bicycle can then be returned to the owner. This also assists the City of Belmont Community Watch who find abandoned bicycles on a regular basis but have no way of tracing the owner,” City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said.

"By registering with the City’s program, residents receive a free bike lock and peace of mind that they have taken steps to protect their property from theft,” Mr Christie said.

Bike registration data, including the serial number of the bicycle, along with a few additional details are collected, which can only be accessed by the City of Belmont and WA Police.

"The City has a close working relationship with Belmont Police and the bicycle registration program is one example of how information sharing between our organisations benefits the community,” he said.

Registrations can be made online or in person at the City of Belmont Civic Centre.

The video series is an initiative of the City’s Community Safety Taskforce and aim to empower residents with community safety information and advice.

Other topics to be covered in the community safety video series include home and motor vehicle security, CCTV in the City, incident reporting and youth services.

The Community Safety Taskforce is a strategic multi-agency partnership created by the City of Belmont where members at a local level share a collective commitment to improving community safety.

Mr Christie said the videos were an example of the important work being initiated by the Community Safety Taskforce that aimed to assist the community.

“The Taskforce aims to challenge negative preconceptions about crime in the City of Belmont through the sharing of statistics, facts, information and positive initiatives undertaken by the Taskforce,” Mr Christie said.

Complementary to the City’s Community Safety Taskforce, is the Community Safety Alliance which is made up of community members who play an important role in sharing information about the City’s community safety programs and other initiatives.

Find out more about the City’s community safety initiatives and access the videos as they are launched on the City’s Youtube channel.
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