Friday, 21 June 2024

City of Belmont South Ward Extraordinary Election Results

The following results were declared:
South Ward
First-preference votes

ABEDIN, Khandoker (Zahid) – 441 votes (26.52 per cent)
POWELL, Janet – 754 votes (45.34 per cent)
RUSSELL, Matt – 314 votes (18.88 per cent)
WHITEFORD, Matthew – 154 votes (9.26 per cent)

Votes at last count
ABEDIN, Khandoker (Zahid) – 557 votes 
POWELL, Janet – 944 votes 
RUSSELL, Matt – excluded
WHITEFORD, Matthew – excluded

The winning Candidate for the South Ward extraordinary election is Janet Powell.

The new councillor will be sworn in at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 25 June 2024 and their term will run until 18 October 2025.
City of Belmont Mayor Robert Rossi thanked everyone who had voted and congratulated the successful candidate.
“Thank you to all the voters who participated in the election, and to the candidates who stepped forward to offer their vision for the future.
“This democratic process underscores our shared commitment to shaping a city of opportunity, where everyone has the opportunity to belong,” said Mayor Rossi.
For full results visit the City of Belmont Extraordinary Election results page on the WAEC website.