Tuesday, 04 June 2024

City of Belmont welcomes Perth Airport upgrade

The City of Belmont has welcomed news by Perth Airport and Qantas to invest in airport improvements, calling it a win for the local community.

The $5 billion project, due to be opened in 2031 will see major changes to Perth Airport including construction of a second runway and the relocation of Qantas from Terminals 3 and 4 in Redcliffe to the main airport.

Mayor Robert Rossi was delighted to hear that the deal had been struck after years of planning and negotiations between Perth Airport and Qantas.

“This is a win for everyone, including the City of Belmont community. It will bring more jobs, bolster nearby activity centres, increase the capacity of Perth Airport to welcome more visitors and enable us to plan effectively for the future of our local community.

“We have regular meetings with the Perth Airport, who are one of our key stakeholders. We have known for years that the Qantas move was coming but we haven’t had a firm timeframe. We are pleased to hear that the work is going ahead and that it is planned to be delivered within the next seven years,” said Mayor Rossi.

The Perth Airport sits within the boundaries of the City of Belmont and the current Qantas site at Terminals 3 and 4 is close to the residents of Redcliffe at the airport’s western boundary. 

“The State Government is developing an Improvement Scheme to guide the future development of the Redcliffe Train Station precinct. Today's announcement, along with the plans for the Perth Airport’s West Precinct, is expected to further bolster the area's redevelopment,” he said.

Another impact of the airport improvements to City of Belmont residents will be how it may affect local traffic patterns.

“Traffic to the main terminals is well supported by major highways of Tonkin Hwy and Leach Hwy. We have seen traffic through the residential area of Redcliffe to Terminals 3 and 4 grow dramatically over the past few years, and it is having a real impact on locals.

“Jetstar moving to Terminal 2 from September this year is a great first step and will be welcomed by residents.

“The City is working on a local area traffic study for Redcliffe to help us mitigate increased traffic. Knowing that Qantas will be moving, enables us to model future traffic needs more effectively,” said Mayor Rossi.