Friday, 03 May 2024

Community Safety Strategy

Everyone should feel safe in their home, on their street, and out and about in their community. We all have a role to play in keeping our community safe, and we're dedicated to doing our part.

That's why we invest heavily in community safety initiatives, like our network of over 500 CCTV cameras and Belmont Community Watch security service. It's also why we're reviewing our Community Safety Strategy.

We want to understand your community safety priorities.

We've organised our community safety initiatives into four areas:

  • Deliver: We provide a wide range of community safety services to enhance your feeling of personal safety.
  • Partner: Many aspects of community safety and crime prevention are best dealt with in partnership with other organisations, such as WA Police, Belmont City College and Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Advocate: Where we aren't able to deliver services, we can advocate for policies and reforms that improve community safety. Advocacy can include, but isn't limited to, lobbying governments and being involved in community-driven campaigns and causes.
  • Empower: Community safety and crime prevention is everyone's responsibility. These services are our way of empowering you to play your part.

Each area covers a different way we handle community safety issues, and we'd like to hear how you would prioritise the initiatives in each area.