Friday, 18 November 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 City of Belmont Opportunity Award Winners

The City of Belmont recently presented its Opportunity Award winners for 2022.
Four recipients joined the list of prestigious past winners, and their names will be added to the Honour Board that hangs proudly in the Civic Centre.
The first award was presented to Ruah Community Services for a successful partnership working with the City of Belmont in the areas of family and domestic violence, positively impacting the overall well-being of people in the local community.
The second award was presented to the Constable Care Foundation for their ongoing work educating City of Belmont youth on a range of themes including bullying, protective behaviours, tolerance and self-respect in a positive, educational and supportive way.
The third award was presented to Dr Ian MacLeod for his support to the Belmont Museum and invaluable advice on the safe movement and treatment of artefacts in the collection.
The fourth award was presented to Tracey and Roger Gott for running the CountUSin wellbeing program which helps members of the City of Belmont community learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their health outcomes.
The Opportunity Awards recognise the achievements of an individual, group or organisation that has enhanced the amenity and quality of life in the City of Belmont or have assisted the City to achieve its objectives.
Through these awards, the City recognises the importance of working with community to create an environment where all residents can reach their full potential and feel valued.
The City would like to thank all of the ward winners for their contribution.
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