Monday, 04 September 2023

Help shape the City of Belmont!

The City of Belmont is inviting residents to take part in a Community and Wellbeing Scorecard to help with future planning.

The scorecard results are used to understand key community priorities as well as benchmark performance again other local governments.

In 2023, the information gathered in the scorecards will be used to inform an upcoming review of the City’s Strategic Community Plan.

City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie encourages all community members to take part.

“We recognise the invaluable insights and perspectives our community members bring to the table, and we invite all residents to take part in the scorecards.”

The City of Belmont has been using a scorecard to understand community priorities for many years.

The City currently conducts the MARKYT Community Scorecard annually, and the Wellbeing Scorecard every two years to get feedback on how the community feels the City is performing and their priorities for the local area.

All community members aged 14 years and older are invited to take part.

“By sharing your thoughts, you are helping us plan for a better future for our community” Mr Christie added.

Complete the Community Scorecard and Wellbeing Scorecard by 5pm Friday 22 September 2023.
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