Thursday, 09 May 2024

Love Street Shopping Precinct Mural

The City of Belmont has unveiled a new mural at the Love Street shopping precinct, designed and painted by a local artist and young people, during KickstART Youth Week in April.

The Paint My Precinct project brought together Rivervale based mural artist Jinan Dodd and young people from the Base@Belmont Youth Centre for a transformative art experience.

The Project was delivered by the City of Belmont in partnership with Propel Youth Arts WA and the Y WA, and partly funded by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation through their Local Drug Action Group Program.

Through a series of workshops early this year Jinan introduced young people to various mural techniques. The painting took place from 5 to 12 April as part of the City’s Youth Week celebrations, with Jinan mentoring the young artists on site.

Many community members saw the mural for the first time at the City’s Love Street Locals event on 4 May.
City of Belmont Mayor Robert Rossi was happy to see the new addition to Love Street.

“This mural demonstrates how talented our local young people are and the wonderful creations they can make when they are given the opportunity to express themselves through art.

“It has not only brought more life to Love Street but has also strengthened the bond between young people and our local community,” said Mayor Rossi.

Jinan also shared his passion for the project.

“I got involved with Propel Youth in search of doing more creative work among youth and wanting to share the art of spray painting with the next generation of artists.

“A lot of the skills I have today weren’t as accessible when I was in my adolescence, so it feels good to share them. I’m grateful to be a part of Propel Youth and give my contribution to the community,” said Jinan.

This project highlights the City’s dedication to creating an environment that encourages young people to flourish and contribute to their local community.