Monday, 03 June 2024

Planting season in the City of Belmont

The return of cooler weather at the City of Belmont means it is time to plant more trees, with a number of greening projects commencing during planting season in 2024.

The popular Trees for Residents program has returned for another year, which offers City of Belmont residents a free tree to plant on their property.

The City also launched a new Verge Garden program to encourage residents to replace grass with more waterwise verge plantings to increase biodiversity and save our precious water reserves.

Residents will also see more trees planted on public land as the City rolls out it’s planting program in the lead up to winter. Over 3,000 trees will be planted this year. Included in the planting program are two projects that have the assistance of the State Government.

The City was successfully awarded an Urban Greening Grant which was used to plant 240 trees around 30 small neighbourhood playgrounds to provide more shade for play and to reduce the urban heat effect. This Urban Greening Grants program was delivered by the City with the support of WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and funded by the Government of Western Australia.

For more information on the Urban Greening Grant program visit Belmont Connect.

Garvey Park in Ascot will also see over 1.6 hectares of grassland transformed into a native habitat for wildlife over the next two years thanks to a revegetation grant from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Swan Riverpark Urban Forest funding program to improve the Urban Forest along the Swan Canning Riverpark.

For more information on the Garvey Park Ecological Connectivity Upgrade project visit Belmont Connect.

Mayor Robert Rossi was enthusiastic about the greening projects.

“We are committed to planting more trees within the City of Belmont for the sake of our future generations.

“It's crucial that we approach this endeavour collaboratively. As we focus on planting trees on public land, it's equally important for our residents and businesses to join in by planting more trees on their private properties and safeguarding any mature trees already present.

"Together, our collective efforts can truly make a difference.” said Mayor Rossi.

The Parks, Leisure and Environment Team at the City of Belmont can be contacted for more information or assistance at or 9477 7222.