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Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Wilson Park Netball Court Upgrade Works Rescheduled

In collaboration with the Belmont Netball Association, the City of Belmont has rescheduled the commencement of works to upgrade the netball courts at Wilson Park until after the winter 2022 fixtures.

This decision has been made after extensive consultation with the Belmont Netball Association Committee whose members and fixtures would have been impacted by an extended construction program.

City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said that during the tender process the timeframe for construction was found to be significantly longer than the period initially estimated.

“Based on the projected construction timeframe and risks associated with current supply chain issues due to COVID-19, the City is supportive of the project being deferred until after the winter 2022 netball fixtures,” Mr Christie said.

“It is intended to readvertise the tender in early 2022 to award the contract mid-2022 and commence construction after the 2022 fixtures,” he said.

“This will also provide contractors with sufficient lead time to order necessary project materials, which should mitigate potential risks that could impact the project timeline.”

City of Belmont Councillors unanimously voted in February 2021 to commit nearly a million dollars towards upgrading the netball courts at Wilson Park, together with a $100,000 commitment from the Belmont Netball Association.

The facility upgrade involves the removal and reconstruction of the existing courts and installation of new lighting towers, which will support the ongoing growth and development of the Belmont Netball Association.

The State Government has extended their support to rescheduling the project, providing the City with confirmation that a variation to the $513,000 State Government Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund grant has been successfully secured, enabling the funds to be deferred in line with the revised project timeline.
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