Asbestos Disposal Day

If you are a City of Belmont resident or property owner and you have materials such as asbestos, motor oil, plate glass, mattresses, ensemble bed-bases, e-waste and vehicle batteries to dispose of, mark Sunday 7 March in your calendar for the City’s Asbestos Disposal Day.
Items that will be accepted: Asbestos, motor oil, plate glass, mattresses, bed bases, car batteries and e-waste (e.g. TVs, stereo equipment, computer equipment, phones and household appliances).

Items that will not be accepted: Gas cylinders, paint, fluorescent light tubes, tyres and household hazardous waste.

Asbestos includes sheets from fences, floors, walls and roofs, old linoleum, brake pads, some insulation, lagging tape, eaves-lining, guttering and pipes.

Asbestos must be wrapped and sealed in heavy duty ‘builders’ plastic to ensure safe transportation to the Operations Centre. Once wrapped, the asbestos should be placed on a pallet or similar so a forklift can safely lift the material from your vehicle. Alternatively, each sheet can be wrapped individually for easy manual handling.

Each household is limited to the equivalent of six (6) fence sheets only. No additional asbestos containing material greater than the above quantity will be accepted.

Residents are required to pour motor oil into a large oil drum on site; contaminated empty containers are then disposed of on site. Up to 60 litres per resident will be accepted. Motor oil as waste from commercial operations will not be accepted.

Enclosed foot wear and proof of property ownership or residency within the City of Belmont is required.


City of Belmont Operations Centre


07 March 2021


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM



City of Belmont event

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