Cracknell Park

Picnic tables
Dog off-leash area
Basketball court
Drink fountain
Cracknell Park is a great place for a picnic, to let the kids play in the playground or to walk out onto the jetty over the Swan River for some picturesque views.

A great location to exercise your dog off-leash.  While dogs can be exercised off-leash the following conditions apply:
  1. Dogs cannot approach within 5 metres of land that has been set apart as a children's playground
  2. Dogs cannot approach within 5 metres of the edge of playing fields used for organised sporting or other events, as permitted by the local government, during the times of such use.
  3. Dogs must be on a leash in any car park.

Park Notification of Use

If you are planning an event at Cracknell Park, you must submit a booking through SpacetoCo. Fees and charges may apply.

Make a booking via SpacetoCo

Personal Training

See information on personal training on our reserves