Thursday, 04 March 2021

City Calls for Local Heritage List Nominations

The City of Belmont is currently seeking nominations for places of cultural heritage significance to be considered for inclusion on the City of Belmont Municipal Heritage Inventory.

There are currently 73 listings on the City of Belmont Municipal Heritage Inventory.

The purpose of the Municipal Heritage Inventory is to identify places within the City that require consideration of heritage values through the planning and development process.
Places of cultural heritage significance may:
  • Have played an important role in history;
  • Demonstrate special architectural style;
  • Have association with a person;
  • Be a landscape feature with cultural associations.
Nominations close 30 March 2021.

Applicants are advised to review the City of Belmont’s existing Municipal Heritage Inventory 2016 prior to preparing a nomination, to help avoid duplication of listings/information that already exist.

At the conclusion of the nomination period, submissions will be referred to the City’s Heritage consultant for assessment.

The draft City of Belmont Municipal Heritage Inventory will then be presented to Council to be endorsed for public consultation.

For further information and to nominate a place, visit the Heritage List webpage or contact the City’s Planning Department on 9477 7428.
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