Wednesday, 31 March 2021

City of Belmont adopts draft Redcliffe Station Activity Centre Plan

Another step was taken towards achieving the vision of the area in Redcliffe known as Development Area 6 (DA6) at the City of Belmont’s Ordinary Council Meeting on 23 March, 2021.

DA6 encompasses land bound by Great Eastern Highway, Coolgardie Avenue, Redcliffe Road, Fauntleroy Avenue and Tonkin Highway, as well as Perth Airport’s West Precinct and incorporates the new Redcliffe Train Station.

According to City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie, DA6 has been identified as an area suitable to accommodate an increase in residential density due to the State Government’s investment in the construction of Redcliffe Station.

“The area surrounding the station is intended to accommodate mixed commercial and residential development with a transit-oriented focus and an aim to make it an attractive place to live and work,” Mr Christie said.

“The draft Redcliffe Station Activity Centre Plan was adopted which sets out the strategic vision for the area, and the statutory planning requirements for development, in order to coordinate future subdivision, zoning and development of land,” he said.

“This draft plan will soon be advertised for further feedback from the community. It is important to note that this Activity Centre Plan is not an approval for development to commence – this is just one step in a lengthy process required by the Western Australian Planning Commission that must be done before any development can take place within the area.”

The draft Activity Centre Plan aligns with the City’s Development Area 6 Vision Plan and Implementation Strategy, which was formulated through extensive community engagement including workshops, forums, and reference groups.

The draft Activity Centre Plan envisages high quality spaces, in addition to consolidated development sites which are able to deliver extensive areas of open space that are necessary to maintain a high level of amenity for existing and future residents. 

The area has been divided into five sub-precincts based on intended character and function. Each sub-precinct is proposed to be subject to minimum and maximum building heights, as well as ‘bonus’ height allowances, with the exception of the School Interface Precinct, where certain criteria are met.

The Plan proposes that building heights immediately surrounding Redcliffe Station be 8 storeys with a maximum bonus of 13 storeys, while within the residential area of the precinct, building height will be limited to 4 storeys, with a maximum of 6 storeys where bonus criteria are met.

The proposed maximum building heights reflect an upper limit allowance for development within the area, and it is considered unlikely that all development would seek to achieve the maximum height permitted.

The Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) infill dwelling targets for local governments require the City of Belmont to provide a minimum total of 6,100 dwellings by 2031 and a total of 10,410 dwellings by 2050.

“Forecasting indicates that the City of Belmont is on track to meet the required infill targets, particularly due to development opportunities within the DA6 precinct which could deliver up to 4,000 additional dwellings,” he said.

“There will be further opportunities for the community to have a say on the DA6 plans and proposed amendments to the Local Planning Scheme when they are advertised over the coming months.”

The City of Belmont intends to advertise the draft Activity Centre Plan and the associated proposed Amendment No. 15 to Local Planning Scheme No.15 for a period of 60 days. It is anticipated that advertising will commence in mid-2021, subject to receipt of confirmation from the Western Australian Planning Commission that the draft amendment is suitable to be advertised.

In relation to the draft Activity Centre Plan, within 60 days of the conclusion of the advertising period, the City is required to prepare a report of recommendation to the WAPC. The WAPC must, within 120 days consider the draft Activity Centre Plan and determine whether to approve the plan, require the plan to be modified, or refuse the plan.

In relation to the proposed Amendment, at the conclusion of the advertising period, Council is required to consider the submissions and pass a resolution to either support the amendment, with or without modification, or not support the amendment. After passing a resolution, the amendment is to be forwarded to the WAPC to review and provide a recommendation to the Minister for Planning.

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