Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Students' paper cranes feature in City's Festival event

Attendees to the City of Belmont’s Let’s Celebrate Festival event Big Light Out at the weekend were treated to a vibrant display of handiwork by the Belmay Primary School community.

When the City issued the call to schools for help to make 1000 origami paper cranes – Belmay PS responded and set to work on the creative task using special UV paper.

Students, teachers and parents spent several sessions after school folding the cranes creating enough to become part of the ‘1000 Cranes’ installation in front of Belmont War Memorial in Faulkner Park. Cranes are a symbol of peace and good fortune in Japanese tradition.

The vibrant display was popular at the event with several students and teachers coming to check out the installation – with the cranes happily surviving the wet weather.

The City’s Let’s Celebrate Festival continues this week with events including Belvidere Street Party and Kambarang Lounge.

Pictured Left: Belmay Primary School students Danelle Apor and Eloise Clarke make paper planes at school for the City of Belmont’s Big Light Out.

Pictured Right: Belmay PS students Kendall and Eamonn McKay check out their handiwork at the 1000 Cranes installation as part of Big Light Out.
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