Ordinary Council Meeting Audio Recording

By accepting the terms and conditions below, you will be able to listen to the Audio Recording of the City’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

Terms and Conditions

  • The City of Belmont Ordinary Council Meetings are public meetings and are audio recorded.
  • The Council Chambers are not a Parliament, and parliamentary privilege does not apply.
  • Council Members, staff and the general public risk being held personally liable if their comments are defamatory or breach any duty of confidentiality.
  • Statements made during Ordinary Council Meetings are solely the views of the person making them.
  • Nothing expressed at an Ordinary Council Meeting can be attributed to the City, unless it is adopted by a resolution of Council.
  • The confirmed Minutes of an Ordinary Council Meeting are the official record of that Council Meeting.
  • Recordings of Ordinary Council Meetings must not be copied, republished or reproduced without the City's express permission.

To listen to a recording of an Ordinary Council Meeting you must accept that you have read and understood the statements above.